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We seek to take a holistic approach in responding to the needs of young people and addressing the issues that they face, helping them to develop personally, socially and spiritually. This is achieved through relational youth work and the opportunity to engage in a variety of programmes at individual, group and community levels.


The first point of contact with many of our young people is through our drop-in programmes. Junior drop-in serves children aged 7-11 and senior drop-in those aged 11-18. Drop-in is an informal, fun and educational environment in which relationships can be established and we see this opportunity as a spring board into some of our other programmes

Mentoring and Discipleship groups

Through one-on-one and small group opportunities we seek to provide support to children and young people at various stages of development. This is achieved through a combination of intentional relationships and relevant content.

Group work

One of the key areas of our work is the facilitation of group work programmes helping young people to explore their identity, their place in the community and the world around them. We place priority on positive citizenship, healthy community relations and the development of young leaders.

Young Leaders

One of the most exciting things about our work is seeing young people journey from being junior members to being young leaders, taking responsibility within the centre, volunteering within it’s programmes and serving the community as a whole. This programme looks specifically at leadership, exploring how it can be grown and nurtured and creatively giving young people the opportunity to lead and be involved in projects.

Inter-Generational Work

Crossing boundaries, initiating conversation and improving the quality of relationship between the young and the old of Ballysillan. A space where the young and old share and exchange skills and work together for a Ballysillan which you want to live in and thrive in and where everyone feels safe.

Social Action

Providing opportunities for our young people to practically serve within the community, anything from a street clean to visiting residents in a local care home.

Partnership with the Youth Justice agency

We currently offer community service placements to local young people, supporting them in the restorative justice process and helping them to be fully integrated members of their community.

Schools Outreach

Our school's outreach takes place through lessons and after schools activities within local primary and secondary schools. This consists of RE lessons, football coaching, Art club and other focused workshops tailored to the existing needs.

Summer Football Camp

(8-13yr olds) a week-long camp focused on team work, participation and skill, delivered in a fun and creative way.

YFC Summer Camp

An activities based residential camp run by YFC NI, set up to facilitate and resource our local drop-in centres. Summer camp focuses on building community through adventure sports, group activities, challenges and workshops.

Other Summer Activities

Our summer programme varies from year to year but often includes fun days out including activities such as coasteering and bouldering, a trip to Soul Survivor Summer Festival in Staffordshire, an international trip serving those less fortunate than ourselves and a week long community programme based from our own centre including Social Action work, sports activities, workshops and a drop-in facility.